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Vector™ - Advanced Metering Platform


Adhesive Savings with Precise Measuring at the Point of Application.
A shared concern among manufacturers who use hot melt adhesives in their manufacturing operations is its efficient, and consistent application. It is critical to maintain the product's integrity while minimizing lay-down volumes. By metering at the point of application, savings of up to 50% can be achieved in both machine and cross-web directions. Another significant savings opportunity is the reduction of product scrap commonly seen by using traditional hot melt equipment in ramp-up and ramp-down of the production line.

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Measuring at the point of application reduces product scrap and consumption.
The root cause of the problems described above are contained within the adhesive distribution network. On modern production lines due to floor space constraints, it is difficult to place the adhesive supply unit on the production line near the point of application. Traditionally, gear pumps contained within the adhesive supply unit deliver a metered stream of adhesive through heated hoses to application devices of various designs. Quite often, these heated hoses exceed ten meters in length. As a result, a time delay is created by the pressurization of these hose networks causing a reduction in pressure during start-up and a reduction of adhesive on the product until run-time pressures are achieved. To address this problem, ITW Dynatec has developed its Vector® Advanced Platform. A Vector station with patented radial drive precision pumps is mounted in close proximity of the application point. This allows for short hose runs between the device and the applicator; thereby, reducing the time required for full pressurization. Additionally, the pump base of the station can be fitted with a variety of application devices for the direct application to various substrates eliminating the hose runs completely. Also, unlike conventional remote metering stations the patented Vector platform allows up to six individual hose outputs per drive to meter individual flows to each application device. Conventional metering stations on the market today only allow one individual or one dual meter per drive thus requiring additional equipment increasing cost of ownership.

The Vector® platform’s flexibility facilitates a variety of pump configurations to meet strict produc-tion requirements. The metered pumps are mounted on twenty-five millimeter centers, all of which are driven by a common motor, and ensure cross-web accuracies of up to ±0.5%. The adhesive supply to the device is isolated from the application point and eliminates the requirement of exact metering from the adhesive supply unit. ITW Dynatec has created a high volume adhesive supply unit, the Vector® Melter, equipped with a piston pump sized to deliver a large volume of adhesive over a great distance. A patented hot melt pressure regulator conditions this bulk adhesive feed into a consistent feed with little or no pressure variation to one or more devices. The Vector distribution and metering system eliminates the problems associated with long hose runs while increasing the accuracy and versatility of metering systems.

Pump design permits rapid changeover and precise control of adhesive volumes.
Vector® Technology is extremely versatile and provides different volumes from a single motor input. When changes are made to an adhesive weight and/or product requirement, a simple pump change is all that is required, significantly reducing costly downtime. Also, The Vector® Platform uses interchangeable parts for all applications and metered platforms reducing spare parts inventory and maintenance. Each pump is fixed with two screws on top of each metering pump. This al-lows disassembly and assembly of pumps in less than three minutes. The Vector® radial drive gear pump does not have any dynamic seals that require frequent maintenance. All the rotating components are within the wetted area, eliminating the need for rotary seals. This assures an ex-tended life of the metered pumps and minimal downtime.

Versatility, adaptability and reliability.
The focus of ITW Dynatec with Vector technology is the ability to provide manufacturers the versa-tility to meet most application requirements. If those requirements change, Vector can be readily adapted with a minimal amount of expense. Vector® provides long-term value to the customer by using a common pump base, interchangeable components and a variety of available output devices. Slot, industry leading UFD Spray, spiral and bead applications can be provided with volumetric accu-racy, previously unknown to the industry.

Adhesive thermal degradation is reduced.
The Vector® Platform requires fewer hot melt hoses compared to that of traditional hot melt equipment. By operating a system with fewer hoses, there is much less occurrence of adhesive build-up.

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