Feminine Hygiene - Side Cuffs

Apex Slot Technology
  • Apex slot technology allows for custom designs and offers multiple hose feed for precision patterns to each adhesive pattern, delivering precision for continuous or high-speed intermittent capability.
  • Apex slot applicators utilize extreme high-speed module technology and Eagle Beak die lip technology to provide the best quality intermittent applications and long life.
UFD Equity Technology
  • Equity slot and spray can be utilized for precision segmented conventional technology, and Equity slot designs utilize unique segmented designs that allow a building block design for application optimization.
  • UFD Equity spray technology offers patented nozzle and pattern technology for the highest precision in conventional technology.
Vector Slot and Spray
  • Vector slot and UFD spray applicators provide individual metered capability to every product pattern with variable volume control per segment.
  • Vector slot and spray technologies provide next-level system technology for the new high-speed lines and with the Variable Volume technology provide unheard of adhesive savings as well as raw material savings through true variable flow technology.
  • Patented Vector slot applicators deliver an industry-first: the capability to supply up to eight different pattern lengths and widths with different adhesive add-ons with one applicator and one hose feed. 
  • Vector Platform Adhesive Supply Units (ASU) with Vector remote metering systems and Vector metering slot and spray applicators provide the highest level of performance.
  • Another industry first: Vector ASU provides system capability to use small hopper designs with up to 24 individual metered outputs and 24 individual flow rates. 
 The Dynatec Advantage
  • Exceptional adhesive savings of 30 to 50 percent.
  • Precision small fiber pattern control with Apex Precision Coat technology.
  • High speed intermittent application capability in slot and spray coating technologies.
  • Potential to use lower basis weight poly and nonwoven due to low adhesive usage.
  • Maximum sustainability through next-generation (Vector Platform) technology.
  • Highest flexibility for future staged elastic designs.
  • Apex Precision Coat technology in standard applicator or Vector configurations provide unmatched performance in pattern capability and high-speed intermittent capability.
 Product Technology


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