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Why Reactive Hot Melt?

The benefits of hot melt PURs can make a huge difference in your operations. Reactive systems:

  • Stand up better to high and low temperatures
  • Bond to a wide variety of substrates, no matter how difficult to bond, including plastics to metal to wood to cloth, even low temperature-susceptible materials
  • Offer outstanding performance with the only truly structural bond in hot melt adhesive technology.
  • Give manufacturers the ability to employ Lean Manufacturing principles, because of the small plant footprint required. You can melt and apply the adhesive, lay up the part, press and trim the finished product in continuous motion.
  • Decrease overall cost of production by making parts “better, faster and less expensive.”
  • Virtually eliminate drying times over traditional water-based adhesives, which involve expensive drying ovens and a large footprint for machinery on the plant floor.
  • Eliminate warping, a complication in particular with wood flooring and water-based adhesives when pressed with high temperature equipment.
  • Increase production rate while reducing scrap rate
  • Increase quality control because any defects are immediately visible and can be corrected
  • Reduce the number of employees required for production as well as the amount of movement those employees have to make

 Contact vs. Noncontact Adhesive Application

 Contact vs. Noncontact Adhesive Application Chart

Contact Non-Contact
Cost effective only up to a certain width ITW Dynatec UFD and Delta non-contact applicators can be configured in the exact width you need with no limitations
Delivers a limited range of coat weights and uses more adhesive ITW Dynatec UFD and Delta non-contact applicators can deliver extremely low coat weights, saving adhesive
Can create adhesive waste due to changes in viscosity under temperature ITW Dynatec UFD and Delta non-contact applicators prevent adhesive from coming into contact with the environment until the moment of application, meaning no early cure and no waste. Its applied only where and when you need it.
Requires intense end-of-shift or even after extended breaks in production, cleanup procedures; with additional waste of adhesive. No flushing involved. Just turn off ITW Dynatec UFD and Delta non-contact applicators and go home.
Cannot offer a perfectly smooth adhesive application across a wide substrate (deflection) ITW Dynatec UFD and Delta non-contact applicators deliver high-precision, even application at greatly reduced coat weights
Doesn’t perform well on raised or three dimensional profiles ITW Dynatec UFD and Delta non-contact applicators apply the perfect amount of adhesives where you need it in the exact way you need it
Grabs rough, picky pieces from substrates like wood, creating the need to stop production to clean off the roll Non-contact means never having a roller to clean
Thin or delicate substrates, can wrap themselves on the applicator roll and destroy the substrate ITW Dynatec UFD and Delta non-contact applicators never touch substrate, so they never cause damage and work effectively on any kind of substrate
Over time, hot adhesive will cause the rolls to wear down, creating the need to stop production  and send out roller for repair or replacement No wear items means  longer life for all parts with minimal replacement cost 

The Technology: DeltaFx™ Fiberized Spray Applicator

DeltaFx™ fiberized spray applicators provide exceptional value and flexibility for wide adhesive lamination. Using the ITW Dynatec patented Laminate Plate Technology, DeltaFx™:

  • Provides an easy-to-use and maintain non-contact application system.
  • Offers an excellent choice for applications where speed, versatility and durability are required
  • Works with all types of hot melt adhesives including PUR Hot Melts.
  • One DeltaFx applicator can adjust in pattern width from 3” to 12” (adhesive dependent)
 The Dynatec DeltaFx Advantage

  • Continuous and intermittent application of adhesives including: PSA, APAO, and Reactive (PUR) Hot Melts.
  • Quick-change pattern width(s) by adjusting the distance between head position and the substrate.
  • Single nozzle permits a range of pattern widths up to 12 inches. (adhesive dependent)
  • Consistent coat weight application eliminates ridges and valleys common when using swirl applicators.
  • Random fiber patterns use less adhesive than spiral spray and maintain or improve bond strength.
  • Minimizes clean-up and reduces downtime.

The Technology: UFD Fiberized Spray

  • Modular applicators can be combined to build segmented applicators from one to as many as 200 ports.
  • The industry’s most precise applicator for size and placement of multiple fiber size patterns.
  • Laminated plate technology (LPT) produces monofilament strands of adhesive and uses heated air to elongate those strands and lay them down in random or ordered patterns.
 The Dynatec UFD Advantage
  • Adhesive savings: In many cases, by using our UFD fiberized spray technology, you can cut adhesive usage by 20-50% without sacrificing bond strength or durability.
  • The perfect-fit solution: UFD application technology is available in three applicators:
  • UFD Fiberized Spray
    • Offers infinite variability
    • Delivers high precision coat weights from .1 gsm to 300 gsm
    • Produces web widths from single yarn/strand to 5m wide
    • Can vary web widths on the fly
  • UFD High Speed Applicator
    • Can achieve times as low as 3.5 milliseconds
    • Offers high precision adhesive coating at cycle speeds up to 6,000 per minute
    • Features rapid component changeover
  • Equity UFD Applicator
    • Offers adhesive add-on weights from .02 grams per linear meter per strand
    • Delivers remarkable adhesive savings up to 70% over spiral or all other types of non-contact application methods 
    • Available in vertical or horizontal nozzle mount HS Series modules


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