Slot Die Applicators

ITW Dynatec's PUR hot melt applicator and slot applicator technology provides industry-leading solutions for demanding manufacturing requirements including; precision metering, wide-web application, continuous & intermittent, and curtain coating technology.  

APEX™ High Speed Slot Die

ITW Dynatec APEX High Speed Slot Die

Quick Specs

  • Precise high speed intermittent adhesive pattern
  • Perfect for narrow web, contact coatings
  • Clean adhesive cut-off at high speed
  • Die lip design prevents build-up of unwanted materials
  • Self-cleaning die lips permit the use of a variety of adhesive viscosities
  • Easy system integration due to its compact design
PUR hot melt

Equity™ Continuous Slot Dies

 ITW Dynatec EQUITY Continuous Slot Die Applicator

Quick Specs

  • Exceptional Value in a Slot Die Head
  • Excellent Cross Web Adhesive Distribution
  • Quick Change Slot Nozzle
  • Modular Sections Permit Width Expansion in 50mm Increment
  • Custom patterns in minutes with easy-cut shims provide exception flexibility.

CrossCoatPrecision Metered Die 

Quick Specs

  • Non-contact application
  • Ideal for heat sensitive materials
  • Patented recirculation minimizes adhesive degradation
  • Cross-web accuracy of +-5%

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Vector Metered Hot Melt Slot Applicator 


Quick Specs

  • 0.5% Cross-web accuracy.
  • Continuous and intermittent application
  • Standard widths of 100mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm and 600mm.
  • Capable of providing individual metered flow output to each module.
  • Slot applicator shares a common pump base with the spray and metering station. 


BF Marathon Slot Applicator

Quick Specs

  • Standard air open/air close module provides positive shut-off and on-cycle
  • Platinum sensor provides better temperature control over nickel sensors
  • Quick-clamp system for easy mounting 
  • Brass .004 shims included (set of 5)
  • Built-in, heated filter has the largest surface area on the market, resulting in
    longer filter life and less nozzle clogging



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Twin Coat™ Non-Contact Dual Slot Die

Quick Specs

  • High-precision non-contact applications
  • Wide web coatings
  • Crystal clear adhesive films
  • Ultra-thin coatings at high speed
PUR hot melt






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