Technical Training Programs

Need to get your team up to speed on basic hot melt equipment operation and safety? Sign up today for a complete Service Training Seminar where your group will receive detailed instruction from our certified technicians, who have an average field experience of over 20 years. Seminars can be scheduled on location or at one of our regional headquarters.

• Customized Training Available for Specific Applications
• Semi-Annual and Annual Schedules Available
• Standard 6-Hour Training Sessions
• Preventive Maintenance Training
• Hot Melt Theory & Safety
• Adhesive Training

Seminar Benefits:


  • Control up-time and productivity through preventative maintenance knowledge
  • Evaluate best-use of equipment based on examples, technician experience and seminar learning aids
  • Identify potential problems based on your application environment
  • Learn about the purpose and function of key components


Attendees Participate in the Following 18 Point Program:


  1. Adhesive melt section design and function
  2. How and when to replace the primary filtration
  3. Pneumatic piston or gear pump function and evaluation
  4. Variable speed pump motor line tracking purpose
  5. How to maintain and adjust the adhesive pressure relief valve
  6. How and when to replace the applicator filter
  7. How to check and replace the applicator heater
  8. Temperature control trouble shooting and replacement
  9. Hose construction and preventative maintenance
  10. Pneumatic or electric adhesive applicator function and evaluation
  11. Hands on review of adhesive nozzle design and function
  12. How to repair or replace the adhesive valve module
  13. Pneumatic valve module solenoid function and trouble shooting
  14. Adhesive pattern controller function and trouble shooting
  15. Adhesive type, reaction under heat and how to identify problems
  16. Adhesive quantity, pattern, bonding, open time for your particular application
  17. Electrical and mechanical trouble shooting
  18. Preventative maintenance recommendations


Contact our technical services manager today to get a technical training seminar scheduled for your team.  

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