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In its early stages, the adult incontinence market took its technologies from the well-established baby/infant diaper industry, but in recent years, the growing end user population has increased the demand for improved, innovative adult incontinence products. ITW Dynatec uses customer feedback to continuously push the technology and the market to the next level of efficiency, performance and success.

ITW Dynatec’s patented industry leading technologies like the Omega™ SCS strand coating system have changed the industry and enabled up to 50% reductions in adhesive use for leg and cuff elastic applications. With our high-speed APEX™ slot die heads and HS Series Omega™ and Random Fiber applicators, no application is too challenging. 
Higher line speeds and lower weight substrates and other raw materials, have created the need for improved machine and cross-web adhesive metering accuracy. Applications such as chassis construction, backsheet lamination, core lamination, elastic stretch panels, and hook and tabs require precision accuracy of the adhesive with excellent intermittent capability that provides efficient operation.  ITW Dynatec listened, and we created a patented solution: the Vector™ Platform.
The most advanced and flexible metering equipment ever developed for any industry, the Vector Platform series of equipment is not just one applicator or adhesive supply unit (ASU). The Vector Platform offers a true first-in, first-out design with a full-system approach. Unlike conventional systems that combine melting and metering while utilizing multiple, single or dual pump technology and long hoses, Vector technology separates the melting, metering and application to provide the highest level of control of the adhesive from melting to metering and application.  The full-system Vector Platform can reduce the actual overall number of components as well, reducing the overall required routine maintenance.  

Vector Platform benefits:
  • Typically utilizes 50% of the overall system hose length of a conventional system.
  • Reduces the number of AC or AC Servo drives by 40% to 50% by utilizing the patented V-meter design, capable of metering up to 8 hose outputs with one drive (a feature that, alone, can save over $100,000 in capital).
  • Provides the highest level of precision and most flexible pattern capability with it's remote metering, slot coating and UFD spray metering adapters. 
  • Provides a first-of-its-kind variable flow and surge capability, creating great potential for raw material savings.
  • Reduce energy use up to 30 percent through the reduction of overall equipment on the lines, enabling manufacturers to achieve greater sustainability and cost savings.
  • ITW Dynatec has a focus on continuous improvement to their processes and technologies and will continue to further develop the Vector platform to meet customer's needs.

Back Sheet Application
Elastic Panels, Belly Bands and Hook
Standing Gather
Strand Coating Application


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