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When It All Comes Together, Better

If the conventional solution outperforms every other technology, then conventional is fine. But here’s the problem: that’s not usually the case. Our customers tell us that there are major downsides to all conventional adhesive application methods, including roll coating, scatter coating, needle-punching, flame laminating and ultrasonic. They are inefficient, costly, and some even require extreme preventative measures to avoid environmental damage. That’s exactly the kind of challenge we like and the reason why ITW Dynatec keeps listening, learning and creating industry-changing technology, like our slot die and UFD (Unified Fiber Deposition) application systems. We expand the boundaries of conventional technology in order to bring our customers eco-friendly solutions that exceed their needs and increase efficiencies, saving time and money. Whether you're joining nonwoven to nonwoven, film to nonwoven, or film to film, laminated products require precision adhesive add-on accuracy in the machine and cross web direction.

  • Technical Textiles - Coating and/or lamination is the preferred method of adhering substrates together in the technical textile industry, but conventional technologies are inefficient and often unsafe for both the operator and the environment. At ITW Dynatec, we think unsafe and inefficient are simply unacceptable. 
  • Nonwovens Applications - For applications requiring a solid barrier or coating on a nonwoven substrate, ITW Dynatec’s Apex slot die technology delivers exceptional results, while UFD fiberized spray allows customers to create a product with flow characteristics between two composites. 
  • Tape & Label - The wide range of capabilities offered by ITW Dynatec’s technologies, including compatibility with a wide range of substrates, adhesives, speeds, widths and coat weights, open up a remarkable range of options for tape manufacturers. From one-inch-wide paint tape to sixty inch master rolls, with a .5 ml to 10 ml coating, tape of all kinds is made possible by ITW Dynatec technology.

  • Hot Melt vs. Conventional Application Methods - the advantages of hot melt adhesive bonding far outweigh the outdated bonding methods still used today

 Solution-Based Technology

UFD Fiberized Spray Technology  

  • Modular applicators can be combined to build segmented applicators from one to as many as 200 ports.
  • The industry's most precise applicator for size and placement of multiple fiber size patterns.
  • Laminated plate technology (LPT) produces monofilament strands of adhesive and uses heated air to elongate those strands and lay them down in random or ordered patterns.
Slot Applicator Technology
  • Allows for custom designs and offers multiple hose feed for precision patterns to each adhesive pattern, delivering precision for continuous or high-speed intermittent capability.
  • Utilizes extreme high-speed module technology and Eagle Beak die lip technology to provide the best quality intermittent applications and long life.
  • Non-Contact, highly accurate slot applicators for wide web coating and lamination. Perfect for applications where the substrate is heat sensitive and a perfect finish is required.
Adhesive Supply Units
  • Up to 1,600 lb hopper capacity
  • Pump output rate of up to 1400 lbs/hr for ultimate performance.
  • Patented Melt-On-Demand no char system equipped
  • Multiple grid rows for superior melt rate. 

 Getting Ahead with Superior Technology

ITW Dynatec’s coating and laminating technologies deliver industry-leading advantages:

  • Vary coat weights and web widths on the fly
  • Faster production speeds
  • Intermittent patterning capabiltiies
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased line speeds up to and above 2500 ft/min.
  • Eliminate burn-through of thin substrates
  • Protect substrates with non-contact technology, which will not compress or crush the substrate
  • Provide measured breathability for filter production
  • Monitor and compensate for variances in line speed to maintain constant coat weight
  • Use in single layer and multiple layer laminating applications

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