Baby/Infant Diaper - Standing Gather

The Technology


Apex Slot Technology

  • Apex slot technology allows for custom designs and offers multiple hose feed for precision patterns to each adhesive pattern, delivering precision for continuous or high-speed intermittent capability.
  • Apex slot applicators utilize extreme high-speed module technology and Eagle Beak die lip technology to provide the best quality intermittent applications and long life.


UFD Omega SCS (Strand Coating System)

  • High speed intermittent application capability.
  • Pattern width (amplitude) capability from 3mm to 6mm for precision coating of a single strand.
  • Precision individual strand coating of a single strand or over 100 strands.
  • Long module life of more than 200 million cycles.
  • Strand centers down to 2.5mm or any center above.
  • Zero percent creep bonds even at the highest line speeds (600 MPM).
  • Patented reverse v-guide technology that optimizes strand location to the center of the Omega adhesive pattern for a precision end product.
  • High-speed HS Series module with snuff-back technology.
  • Patented Festo quick-change solenoid interface for optimum cycle speed and quick change maintenance.
  • The most advanced Easy Spin inside-out filter system.
  • Compatibility with the patented Vector metering technology for variable adhesive add-on levels every 25mm.
  • Vector Platform Adhesive Supply Units (ASU) with Vector remote metering systems and Vector metering slot and spray applicators for the highest level of performance.
 The Dynatec Advantage
  • Monumental adhesive savings of 50 to 70 percent, creating maximum sustainability and significant cost savings.Highest flexibility for future staged elastic designs, including the potential to use lower basis weight poly and nonwoven due to low adhesive usage.
 Product Technology


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