BF Mod-Plus™ Electric Valve - Auto Adhesive Applicator

ITW Dynatec's Mod-Plus Electric Applicator Head is an electrically operated, single or multi-nozzle hot melt adhesive applicator assembly with an integrated filter cartridge that prevents particulate matter from obstructing flow through the head. It is used with intermittent adhesive pressure and constant adhesive pressure hot melt adhesive supply units (ASUs).


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Each Mod-Plus Electric applicator features one to four adhesive valve modules mounted to a single service block. Each module is opened and closed by an electric solenoid. Springs are used to keep the valve closed when no electric signal is supplied to the solenoid. The rate of adhesive flow from the applicator is determined by the adhesive pressure applied by the ASU's pump, the size of the nozzle orifice and the stem stroke adjustment.

The applicator is heated by replaceable cartridge heating elements which are controlled by an integrated RTD sensor and electronic control.


  • Standard in-line filter prevents nozzle clogging.
  • Platinum sensors provide optimum temperature control.
  • Compatible with most competitive configurations.
  • Built-in, heated filter has the largest surface area on the market, resulting in
    longer filter life and less nozzle clogging.
 The Dynatec Difference
More Filter - Less Clogging
All BF hot melt applicators from ITW Dynatec feature a built-in, heated filter standard with over 6 times the surface area of competitive filters. Because the filter surface is larger, the filter maintains a longer life span and reduces nozzle clogging better than the competition’s standard filters. The filter is built into the applicator head itself, which helps it maintain a better working temperature for the adhesive being used in the application – further reducing the chances of the adhesive clogging the nozzle orifice. As an added bonus, the filter purge valve allows for easy back flushing, which increases filter life and even further reduces nozzle clogging.


System Mod-Plus with Electric Valve™
Operating Temperature Range 38°C to 218°C (100°F to 425°F)
Minimum Adhesive Pressure None
Maximum Adhesive Pressure 68 bar (1,000 psi)
Minimum Adhesive Viscosity None
Maximum Adhesive Viscosity 6,000 cps
Maximum Flow Rate 650cc/min @1,000cps
Maximum On/Off Cycle Speed 6,000 cycles/minute @1,200cps or less

* Specifications are based on 1,000 cps adhesive 

Dimensions LP Mod-Plus Marathon™
Height (H) 94.3 mm (3.71 in)
Depth (D) 81.0 mm (3.19 in)
Width (W) 44 mm (1.73 in)


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