Sustainable Packaging Solutions 

Save green.
Install an ITW Dynatec ASU that consumes 20 percent less energy than similar competitive units, and you’ll discover what it really means to save: lower costs and a lower environmental impact.

Perform better. The industry average is $700 per minute of downtime. Maximize productivity and minimize losses with Gemini hoses, featuring patented dual circuit technology to help prevent costly downtime in the event of a heater fault or failure.

Protect your adhesive. Our improved, one-of-a-kind Melt-On- Demand process ensures a first-in, first-out adhesive cycle by heating from the bottom of the hopper up to prevent degradation. The solid adhesive on top helps reduce exposure to oxygen, a major contributor to adhesive char, which leads to clogging and downtime.

Invest in quality. Our new industry-exclusive Nano ceramic hopper coating is the same material used to manufacture cannon barrels, and is five times more durable and resistant to wear than traditional PTFE coatings, with no PFOAs or fluorochemicals. 

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