Feminine Hygiene - Adhesive Application Solutions

The feminine napkin industry is high-speed and highly competitive, and the right technology can make all the difference in creating a product that competes successfully on the market. Much smaller and run at much higher speeds than other nonwoven products like baby diapers and adult incontinence products, feminine napkins now run at speeds of 2000 pads per minute (PPM) demanding much faster millisecond cycle times for intermittent applications than baby and adult products. 

ITW Dynatec has created a range of solutions to help its customers stay ahead of the curve and exceed the demands of their industry, with the Vector™ Platform again providing the highest level of technology available. With our full range of adhesive melters (Vector™ Series, Dynamelt™ M Series, Dynamelt™ D Series, and Dynamelt™ S Series) and the new Vector™ Platform, ITW Dynatec provides the highest level of reliability, flexibility, and capability available anywhere. Other compatible technologies take performance and precision ever higher, including our high-speed APEX™ slot die heads and HS Series Omega™ and Random Fiber applicators, which produce cycle capability as low as 3 milliseconds and provide exceptionally long cycle life (over 100 million).


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