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Pinch Bottom Applicator - Auto Adhesive Applicator


ITW Dynatec's MR1300 High Flow Slot Die Adhesive Applicator Head is an air-open and air-close, single-module.  The patented hot melt adhesive applicator assembly allows for right or left hand, as well as up or down, applications, depending on requirements. Each of the two zones in the applicator head is heated by replaceable cartridge heating elements which are controlled by an independent RTD sensors.

The flexibility of the pinch bottom head allows for a choice of brackets.  The patented High Flow applicators are available configured for ITW Dynatec's DynaControl, MTC/CompuVision or Allen-Bradley PLC controls.

  • Self-purging slot die applicator
  • High instantaneous adehsive flow at low adhesive pressure
  • Independently heated die and service block
  • Quick change slip-on die lip is also self-centering 
  • Designed for up or down applications by die lip rotation
  • Titanium-coated steel die adapter reduces wear and adhesive build-up
  • Symmetrical design and multiple hose inlets for mounting flexibility 
  • Head mounted adhesive pressure gauge 

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