Pelletized Adhesive Feed Systems

Hot melt adhesive feeders automatically transfer dry, pelletized hot melt adhesive from a bulk container to the adhesive supply unit, increasing productivity and reducing equipment down time by keeping the adhesive supply unit full. An adhesive feed system also improves the safety of operators working with hot melt adhesives, preventing them from having to manually fill the hopper and also eliminating spills. ITW Dynatec provides many feed system options to give customers a solution that fits their specific needs.

ADS1 Dynafill™

The ADS1™ hot melt adhesive delivery system from ITW Dynatec®

Quick Specs

  • Easily integrated into most standard ITW Dynatec or competitive hot melt units
  • Minimizes adhesive contamination for increased uptime
  • On-Demand adhesive replenishment saves operator time and prevents thermal shock to adhesive
  • Automatically feeds up to 22 feet vertically and 100 feet horizontally

Adhesive Transfer Tower

 The hot melt adhesive Transfer Tower multi-feed system from ITW Dynatec®

Quick Specs

  • Supports up to a 1,500 lb shipping container for fast adhesive dispensing
  • Includes level-control for convenient adhesive monitoring
  • Alerts the line operator when the shipping container needs to be replaced
  • Heavy duty stainless steel angle construction with eight support points that match the shipping container's eight support feet


Adhesive Tilt Table

Quick Specs


  • Automatically maintains adhesive flow
  • Load capacity up to 2000 lbs
  • Hand-operated control valves
  • Adhesive wand bracket included
  • Optional vibrator assembly and foot controls



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