Hot Melt Education - Service / Support

Whether you're new to the hot melt adhesive industry or just need to learn more about your specific application, you're in the right place. ITW Dynatec has over 45 years experience in the hot melt adhesive equipment business and is here to help you find the most efficient and cost-effective way to seal and bond your products. 

Hot Melt Maintenance Tips - Check out the recommended maintenance schedule for your ITW Dynatec equipment to keep it running at maximum efficiency. 

Hot Melt FAQs - Learn more about hot melt adhesives, application processes, and ITW Dynatec operations. 

Technical Training Programs - Need to get your team up to speed on basic hot melt equipment operation and safety? Sign up today for a complete Service Training Seminar where your group will receive detailed instruction from our certified technicians, who have an average field experience of over 20 years.

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