Adhesive Controllers

The Pattern Controller is one component of an adhesive application system consisting of a hot-melt unit, cold glue pressure vessel or cold glue pump, adhesive hoses and applicator heads. The controller can be used for hot-melt or cold glue application. The pattern controller activates solenoids for the applicator heads in order to create individual adhesive patterns. Click on the links below to learn more about the full line of ITW Dynatec Hot Melt Pattern Controllers.

Dynacontrol V6 - Modular Control Platform


Quick Specs


  • Modular based, plug-and-play controls

  • Remote access capability

  • Independent standardized field bus interface

  • Communication interfaces include: EtherNet/IP, Profibus, EtherCat, ModBus/TCP

DY2008 Distance or Time-Based Pattern Controller


Quick Specs

  • 4 to 128 Channels

  • 16 Patterns per Channel

  • Trigger Inputs for Each Channel

  • 4 Pressure Outputs

  • 4 Scalable Machine Speed Inputs

  • 55 VDC or 170 VDC Over-Excitation

  • Memory for 60 Programs

  • Modes Include Standard, Continuous and Random Length

DY2002 Distance -Based  
Pattern Controller

The DY2002™ adhesive pattern controller from ITW Dynatec®

Quick Specs

  • 2 Channels

  • 4 Patterns per channel

  • Memory for 12 programs

  • Distance-based, time-based and driver modes

  • Integrated palletization mode

  • Built-in production counters

  • Machine speeds to 600m/min (200fpm) @ 0.5mm (.02")

Click to learn more about the TPC-2™ adhesive pattern controller from ITW Dynatec®  

Click to learn more about the DY2008™ pattern controller from ITW Dynatec®


Click to learn more about the DY2002™ pattern controller from ITW Dynatec®

 EVC-1 Volume-Based Controller


  • Compatible with most new & existing ITW Dynatec equipment

  • Smart electronics work with both 120/240 VAC power input without changing internal circuitry

  • Fine tuning of adhesive output throughout a full range of line speeds

  • Smart electronics accept 0-10vdc or 4-20ma input signals







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