Adult Incontinence - Standing Gather

APEX Precision Coat

  • Apex Precision Coat delivers high precision small fibers with excellent pattern start and cutoff to optimize final application.
  • Apex Precision Coat utilizes high-speed, snuff-back module technology.

UFD Omega Applicator

  • UFD technology provides extremely clean high-speed intermittent stripes or solid patterns with no overspray.
  • UFD Omega nozzle technology to deliver precision, controlled high-frequency fibers.

UFD Omega SCS (Strand Coating System)

  • High speed intermittent application capability.
  • Pattern width (amplitude) capability from 3mm to 6mm for precision coating of a single strand.
  • Precision individual strand coating of a single strand or over 100 strands.
  • Long module life of more than 200 million cycles.
  • Strand centers down to 2.5mm or any center above.
  • Zero percent creep bonds even at the highest line speeds (600 MPM).
  • Patented reverse v-guide technology that optimizes strand location to the center of the Omega adhesive pattern for a precision end product.
  • High-speed HS Series module with snuff-back technology.
  • Patented Festo quick-change solenoid interface for optimum cycle speed and quick change maintenance.
  • The most advanced Easy Spin inside-out filter system.
  • Compatibility with the patented Vector metering technology for variable adhesive add-on levels every 25mm.
  • Vector Platform Adhesive Supply Units (ASU) with Vector remote metering systems and Vector metering slot and spray applicators for the highest level of performance.
 Product Technology
Apex Precision Coat
UFD™ Strand Coating System
UFD™ Omega Applicator   



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