Roofing - Textile Industry Solutions

ITW Dynatec technology is used for the construction of:

  • Roofing composites
  • Lamination of membranes
  • Edge conditioning of joints
  • Anti-skid coatings for roofers
  • Providing waterproofing
UFD technology utilizes lighter coat weights while providing the same or greater strength needed to sustain the coating in a harsh environment.  Faster speeds can achieved with this technology over more conventional methods.  With UFD technology, you can bond nonwovens to non-wovens, non-wovens to films, films to
 rubber, and films to films.
The Technology: UFD fiberized spray
  • Modular applicators can be combined to build segmented applicators from one to as many as 200 ports.
  • The industry’s most precise applicator for size and placement of multiple fiber size patterns.
  • Laminated plate technology (LPT) produces monofilament strands of adhesive and uses heated air to elongate those strands and lay them down in random or ordered patterns.
     The Dynatec Advantage
    • Adhesive savings: In many cases, by using our UFD fiberized spray technology, you can cut adhesive usage by 20-50% without sacrificng bond strength or durability. 
    • The perfect-fit solution: UFD application technology is available in three applicators:
      • UFD fiberized Spray
        • Offers infinite variability
        • Delivers high precision coat weights from .1 gsm to 300 gsm
        • Produces web widths from single yarn/strand to 5m wide
        • Can vary web widths on the fly
      • UFD High Speed Applicator
        • Can achieve times as low as 3.5 milliseconds
        • Offers high precision adhesive coating at cycle speeds up to 6,000 per minute
        • Features rapid component changeover
      • Equity UFD Applicator
        • Offers adhesive add-on weights from .02 grams per linear meter per strand
        • Delivers remarkable adhesive savings up to 70% over spiral or all other types of non-contact application methods 
        • Available in vertical or horizontal nozzle mount HS Series modules
    The Technology: Apex Slot Die
    • Ideal for precise high-speed intermittent applications
    • Optional non-heated die width extension(s) for easier substrate handing
    • Air operated modules feature spring-assist close for precise cut-off
    • Die-lip design prevents build-up of unwanted materials
     The Dynatec Advantage
    • Significant adhesive savings. The Apex slot die adhesive applicator’s clean, crisp cutoff creates adhesive savings unmatched in the industry.
    • Product savings. Apex’s innovative design features, such as reverse-acting modules and optimized channels, minimize not only adhesive waste but also product waste.
    ITW Dynatec’s technologies provide solutions for manufacturers of a variety of home technology products:
    • Roofing materials
    • Anti-skid coating for underlayment
    • Laminated housewrap
    • Insulation
    • Upholstery fabrics
    • Bedding material
    • Drapes

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