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Innovation That Works for You

Innovation is not just about creativity or ingenuity. It’s also about listening. ITW Dynatec knows that creating effective solutions is a two-part process: we ask our customers what they need and then we create technology that far exceeds those needs. The disposable hygiene industry is an excellent example. Drawing on four decades of experience, ITW Dynatec has continuously pushed adhesive and fluid dispensing technology into the next generation for disposable hygiene products.

  • Baby/Infant Diaper - Industry-leading innovations like the Omega™ SCS strand coating system create exceptional efficiencies, including up to 50 percent adhesive reductions, even at today’s high line speeds.
  • Feminine Hygiene - In this market, line speed is paramount, so our technology not only enables the fastest cycle capabilities, but also exceptionally long cycle life.
  • Adult Incontinence - In this industry, a growing end user market demands continuous innovation and improvement, and ITW Dynatec delivers technology to exceed those demands.

Solution-Based Technology 

That’s just the beginning. When working with ITW Dynatec, you can be sure that we are always listening and always developing the next generation of solutions to optimize your operations. Our award-winning innovative products save money and resources: high-accuracy equipment reduces adhesive consumption, quick ramp-up reduces product scrap, and patented UFD fiberized spray technology offers low lifetime-ownership costs along with up to 60 percent adhesive savings. That's how ITW Dynatec makes innovation work for you.

UFD Fiberized Spray Technology  

  • Delivers the industry’s highest precision for size and placement of multiple fiber size patterns.
  • Uses laminated plate technology (LPT) and heated air to produce monofilament strands of adhesive lay them down in random or ordered patterns.
  • Offers patented nozzle and pattern technology for the highest precision in conventional technology.
  • Utilizes unique segmented designs, allowing a building block design for application optimization.
Vector Precision Metering Platform  
  • Offers remote metering at the point of application.
  • Flexible platform that provides extreme accuracy for slot, spray or bead applications. 
  • The Vector ASU provides a patented pressure management system to ensure accuracy of applications.
  • New Vector Surge offers additional flexibility and performance for those who need variable coat weights from a single applicator.
APEX Slot Technology 
  • Allows for custom designs and offers multiple hose feed for precision patterns to each adhesive pattern, delivering precision for continuous or high-speed intermittent capability.
  • Utilizes extreme high-speed module technology and Eagle Beak die lip technology to provide the best quality intermittent applications and long life.

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