Tray Forming- Applications

When it comes to tray forming for your production line, your method of bonding must be long lasting and reliable. ITW Dynatec hot melt equipment can provide cost-effective solutions for a highly reliable system.

Trays are formed at the end of the line by gluing the flaps to form the tray. Applications vary based on the content and size of the package from bead applications working at medium range speeds to precise, high-speed glue dot applications.


Tray Forming Video

The components for a typical tray forming/bliss box application are:


Typical Glue Application

(Dual or Multi-Orifice Nozzle)

OEMS - Tray Forming & Bliss Box Equipment

  • Wexxar
  • Standard Knapp
  • Thiele/SWF
  • IPAK Machinery
  • Wayne Automation
  • Pearson
  • ABC Packaging
  • Switchback
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