Vector™ - Advanced Metering Platform


The Vector™ modular metering platform delivers adhesive to a variety of applications with extreme accuracy. This flexible platform shares a common pump base and can be easily configured for use with other applicators including slot, spray and bead. The Vector™ platform can also be utilized as a stand alone metering station.

Learn More About Precise Metering at the Point of Application:

Vector Metered Output Application Adapter - hose adapter allows precise adhesive supply to standard applicators
Vector Metered Spray Application Adapter - non-contact UFD Omega and Random Fiber applications
Vector Metered Slot Application Adapter - coats intermittent or continuous films or ribbons

The Vector Adhesive Melter is another integral part of the patented Vector system. Click to learn more. 

  • Metering platform shares a common pump base with other applicators including slot, spray and bead.
  • Interchangeable parts for all applications and metered platforms reduces spare parts inventory.
  • AC or Servo motor and precision gearbox for accurate speed control of pumps (5 to 45 RPM AC, 1-45 Servo).
  • Standard applicator widths of 100mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm and 600mm.
  • The Vector™ pump base provides up to ±0.5% accuracy, cross web and machine direction.
  • Vector™ metered pumps can be changed in less than five minutes.

Extreme accuracy at the point of application translates into savings and increased efficiency:

  • Significant adhesive savings
  • Superior ramp speeds
  • Rapid product changeover
  The Dynatec Difference

Vector™ Quick-Change Metering Pumps
Vector™ Pumps can be easily changed in less than five minutes by removing two retaining screws. With conventional equipment, pump changes often take more than an hour of cumbersome work with significant downtime.


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