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Vector Application - Metering Station & Metered Hose Output Adapter 


Vector™ Metering Station
The Vector™ metering station can be mounted directly to a Vector™ distribution manifold or remotely metered. The adhesive is delivered with the extreme accuracy of up to ±0.5% at the point of application.

  • Metering platform shares a common pump base with other applicators including slot, spray, and bead.
  • Pumps can be configured every 50mm to supply a single hose output.
  • Vector™ pumps can be changed-out in less than five minutes, minimizing changeover time.
  • Pump/hose outputs range from 0.4cc/rev to 6.8cc/rev.
  • Vector™ metering platform is capable of up to four individual metered pump/hose outputs per station.
  • AC or servo motor and precision gearbox for accurate speed control of pumps (1 to 45 RPM).
  • Standard metering platform is available in widths of 100mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, and 600mm.
  • Features adjustable or pre-set pressure reliefs of up to 85 BAR.
  • The metering station can be located remotely (RMS - Remote Metering Station), or locally mounted (LMS - Local Metering Station) at the distribution manifold.
  The Dynatec Difference

Vector™ Quick-Change Metering Pumps
Vector™ Pumps can be easily changed in less than five minutes by removing two retaining screws. With conventional equipment, pump changes often take more than an hour of cumbersome work with significant downtime.
System Vector™ Metering Station
Operating Temperature   10º C to 218º C (50º F to 425º F)
Adhesive Add-On Rates 0.4 to 150 cc/min/pump
Working Viscocity 500 to 30,000 cps
Temperature Zone 1 adhesive, 1 air heater
Available Pump Sizes 0.4, .5, .6, .7, .8, .9, 1.0, 1.7, 3.34 cc/rev
Available Head Sizes 100mm/4 pump, 200mm/8 pump, 300mm/12 pump, 400mm/16 pump, 500mm/20 pump, 600mm/24 pump

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