Dynamini Hot Melt Adhesive Supply UnitThe DYNAMINI™ N22 Series adhesisve supply unit (ASU) is a computer-controlled hot melt glue supply unit designed on metric standards. Its easy-to-use, all-icon control panel is internationally operator friendly. The standard N22 is available for either 120v or 200-240v service.

The Dynamini N22 ASU uses a microprocessor temperature control to closely control the temperature of hot-melt adhesive for up to two hoses and two heads. Temperature setpoints are operator-selected for up to 5 zones and the system automatically provides warnings and alarms for operator errors and system malfunctions.

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Dynamini Hot Melt Adhesive Supply Unit Brochure

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Service and Operating Manual

Hot Melt Adhesive HopperThe Dynamini system provides accurate, proportionate temperature control for the hopper, hoses and applicators. Sequential start-up delays may be programmed for turn-on of the hoses and heads. The temperature control can interlock the parent machine with preselected adhesive temperatures so that production automatically begins when adhesive temperatures are correct for the application. All system temperature values can easily and quickly be programmed.

Digital readout of system conditions is provided. Optional external audible signals or lights which alert the operator to alarm conditions may be wired in. The CPU monitors the electronic circuitry and provides alarms for error conditions.

The standard Dynamini N22 ASU uses an extremely dependable, constant-pressure piston pump. This air-operated pump insures a high pressure adhesive output from a low pressure, compressed air input. Piston pumps are available for either hot-melt or lotion applications. As an option, a variety of gear pumps is also available to assure a smoother and higher precision flow. The pump is driven by a single drive.

The Dynamini N22’s teflon-coated hopper accepts adhesive in all popular forms, including pellets, slugs and blocks. The ASU can accomodate air-actuated automatic applicators (heads), electric applicators, hand-held applicators and/or special applicators. Options available include pressure gauge and a 100-mesh outlet filter.

DYNAMINI™ - The Dynatec Advantage

  • MELT-ON-DEMAND Hopper Grid extends adhesive life and performance
  • Self-diagnostic P.I.D. Digital Temperature Controller with platinum sensor accuracy
  • 110/120V and 200/240V configurations fitted with either a piston or gear pump
  • Easily removable access covers completely expose all components for easy maintenance

DYNAMINI™ Advantages

  • Exceptional value in a small hot melt unit
  • Melt-On-Demand hopper grid virtually eliminates adhesive charring
  • 7 year melt-on-demand hopper warranty
  • Accurate and reliable microprocessor proportionate temperature controller
  • Conforms to CE requirements

Control Panel Advantages

  • Hot Melt Adhesive Supply Unit Control PannelDigital set-point and actual temperature indicator takes the guess work out of correct temperature monitoring and control
  • Temperature indicator can be easily converted to Celsius or Fahrenheit readings
  • Easy to operate; hopper, hose and applicator zone control icons
  • Large scroll UP or scroll DOWN arrows permit the operator to quickly set the various zone temperatures
  • Control panel locking limits operator access
  • Pump motor on/off switch allows for manual control
  • Standby temperature programming lowers the adhesive temperature during inactive periods
  • Independent temperature control of the hopper, hoses and applicators to permit the precise metering of adhesive
  • Platinum sensor accuracy for exact temperature control
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