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Our Fiberbond™ process is the preferred choice for laminating the section skins prior to adding insulation.  The ability to be precise in the metering of adhesive allows for improved quality control. Dynatec’s Patented Fiberbond UFD technology, allows for tightly controlled adhesive distribution across your substrate.  Our equipment is ideal for situations where the substrate is profiled, uneven, or otherwise indicates a need for non-contact gluing.   Adhesive is evenly distributed via the Fiberbond™ UFD Nozzles as the substrate passes underneath.  This allows the manufacturer to experience a wide range of substrate wave, profiled products, or differentiation between parts of the substrate as it passes underneath the applicators.


  • Optima and Micro Optima Bead Applicators provide precise bead control for seam applications usually seen on fabric wrapped partitions.
  • Virtually eliminate trailing by providing a precise weight control.
  • Minimize lost time due to rework and quality control issues.
  • Reduced risk of delamination.


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