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ITW Dynatec designs, manufactures and sells a full range of hot-melt adhesive application equipment and accessories for the Filter Assembly and Filter Manufacturing markets. We provide solutions to improve production in applying hot melt materials for adhering filter media, sealing filter media, and end cap gluing where a variety of hot melt materials are required. The Dynamelt™ S and Dynamelt™ M series have the capability to melt and deliver precise amounts of material for your filter manufacturing needs. If precise adhesive glue placement is needed, the ITW Dynatec Mod-Plus BF™ family of applicators will fit the job. These applicators offer a large, built-in heated filter and air open/air close valving standard.

With the addition of an ITW Dynatec bulk adhesive delivery system - the ADS1 DynaFill™ or HF series - you can maintain a fully enclosed and safe operating system. The Transfer Tower system keeps adhesive totes off the floor, and lets gravity do the job for transferring adhesive into the ITW Dynatec adhesive delivery system.

  • Automatic and Manual Applicators are available for the filter assembly and manufacturing markets.
  • ITW Dynatec systems have the capability to handle high viscosity materials with ease.
  • Solution are provided for the HVAC, Automotive, and Specialty Filter markets.
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