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ITW Dynatec’s latest product line is the “Next Generation” Vector™ Platform. This latest equipment line is the culmination of many years of developement and working with applications in the overall nonwoven marketplace. 
The Vector™ Platform is the most complete hot melt adhesive and fluid dispensing equipment that has ever been developed. This is the “Next Generation” of equipment.

The Vector™ Platform includes a line of adhesive melters with “Out of the Box” thinking on the best and most efficient ways to melt and deliver adhesive and fluids. Also, with the metering and melting components being completely independent, this allows for a flexibility and efficiency that has never before been available. See more details through this link (Vector ASU).

The Vector™ Platform also includes a series of local/remote metering stations, UFD Omega/Random Fiber spray applicators and slot die heads. All of these components utilize the exact same pump base and use the patented Vector™ pump. This pump is the highest precision, fastest change-out pump on the market today. With the Vector™ Platform the same exact pumps are used for the ASU, local/remote meter, UFD spray applicator and slot die head. 

The parts compatibility within the Vector™ Platform is the best of any equipment that is manufactured in the world. This system represents the highest level of technology available to melt and deliver hot melt adhesive and special fluids. With the component compatibility that the Vector™ Platform provides, this also allows for a system that is very competitively priced when compared to conventional systems. See more detail through this link (Vector™ Melters).
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