Medical - Non Wovens Industry Solutions

The medical and specialty nonwoven industry is rapidly growing and changing every year. This segment of the industry requires equipment that has a very high level of flexibility and always, reliability. Also, ITW Dynatec is also aware that this industry is always looking for ways to reduce cost through utilizing low basis weight raw materials and very low adhesive weights. This is why we have continually developed new ways to apply the lowest adhesive add-on levels in the industry while maintaining the highest accuracy.
ITW Dynatec’s patented UFD Omega™ and Random Fiber spray technology has no competition when it comes to low add-on levels with strong bond strengths. Also, with the precision fiber control there are no overspray problems like with all other spray technologies. With medical applications like hospital components, heat wraps and other specialty nonwoven applications, ITW Dynatec has the complete range of equipment to meet the ever-changing product requirements of the medical and specialty nonwoven industry.
We also have a full range of equipment for the fluid dispensing of specialty materials. With our Vector™ Platform we can precision meter low viscosity fluids, wax, surfactants and other non-hot melt materials with precision control. Whether the material is heated, low melt or non-heated, ITW Dynatec has an application solution.
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