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ITW Dynatec is the leader in innovation and technology process development for the disposable diaper marketplace. Through many years of experience and listening to our customer’s needs for today and into the future, ITW Dynatec has pushed application technology to the “Next Generation” of adhesive and fluid dispensing systems.

With patented industry leading technologies like the Omega™ SCS strand coating system, ITW Dynatec has shown the industry how to reduce adhesive consumption up to 50% from the standard spiral and slot technologies for leg and cuff elastic applications. While these were the standard for the past 25 years, ITW Dynatec’s leading development research and innovation has changed the industry standard to direct strand coating using the Omega™ SCS system.

Also, with a demand for higher line speeds and lower weight substrates and other raw materials, the requirements for improved machine and cross-web adhesive metering accuracy has been required by our end users. Applications such as Chassis Construction, Backsheet Lamination, Elastic Stretch Panels, Core Lamination, and Hook and Tabs require precision accuracy of the adhesive application with excellent intermittent capability that provides efficient operation. ITW Dynatec listened and developed the patented and award-winning “Vector Platform.”

The patented “Vector Platform” is the most advanced and flexible metering equipment ever developed for any industry. This series of equipment is not just one applicator or adhesive supply unit. The “Vector Platform” is a group of adhesive and fluid dispensing equipment that has been developed with the highest level of reliability, flexibility, accuracy and compatibility available. More detail is available in the Vector Platform section under Products.

Other application requirements for disposable diaper applications include high-speed intermittent capabilities with long-life modules. ITW Dynatec offers the following products, providing the fastest speeds and longest cycle life available in the nonwovens industry:

With our industry leading ASUs (adhesive supply units) and drum unloaders, ITW Dynatec gives our customers many configuration choices to allow end users to optimize system layouts to maximize efficiency and reliability. ITW Dynatec offers these ASU product lines to meet any global and local company’s product requirements:


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