Hot Melt Adhesive vs. Conventional Application Methods

Why Hotmelt?
  • Go green. Most hot melts are totally biodegradable and make your products totally recyclable. They also create no VOCs (solvent emissions), no waste water issues and no airborne contaminants, making EPA issues a thing of the past.
  • Save adhesive coating, increase profits. Offering lighter coat weights, hot melt adhesives mean you can use less adhesive and save more money.
  • Make more product (correctly). Not only do hot melts offer high-precision adhesive application at faster production speeds, they can also be processed immediately after adhesive application, saving time and space in your facility.
  • Add value with additives. Both hot melt adhesives and ITW Dynatec’s technologies are compatible with various value-adding additives, including anti-microbial, flame retardant, anti-oxidant, UV inhibiting and water repelling chemicals.
    Hot Melt Polymer Advantages  Mechanical Advantages  
    • Make your product more "green"
    • Most are totally biodegradable
    • No VOC's (solvent emissions)
    • No waste water issues
    • No airborne contaminants
    • Products totally recyclable
    • Lighter coat weights
    • Faster production speeds
    • Immediate post processing
    • Energy savings
    • Alleviate EPA issues
    • Ability to support various additives such as:
      - Anti-Microbial 
      - Flame Retardants
      - Anti-Oxidants
      - UV Inhibitors
      - Water Repellant
    • Variable coat weights on the fly
    • Faster production speeds
    • Intermittent patterning
    • Vary web widths on the fly
    • Less overall cost
    • Line speeds exceeding 2500 ft/min.
    • No burn through of thin substrates
    • Non contact - will not compress or crush the substrate
    • Provide measured breathability for filter production
    • Monitor and compensate for variances in line speed to maintain constant coat weight
    • Used in single layer and multiple layer laminating applications.

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