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Wide Web Slot Applicator - Slot Die Applicator


ITW Dynatec has partnered with Extrusion Dies Industries, LLC (EDI), a leader in wide-web precision slot dies, to bring solutions to our customers who require high-volume, wide-web precision dies. When purchasing a turn-key coating system from ITW Dynatec, customers receive a high-volume hot melt adhesive supply unit (ASU), Gemini™ hot melt hose(s), and a precision wide-web slot die built by Extrusion Dies Industries, LLC.

Guaranteed Results - Proof of Process

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ITW Dynatec and Extrusion Dies Industries, LLC (EDI) provide a turn-key coating and laminating system with guaranteed application performance resulting in faster production speeds and reduced adhesive usage. This highly accurate and reliable system prevents streaking, permits ultra-thin coatings and maintains a coat weight accuracy of 1%.

System Highlights:

  • Web widths available from 61cm to 457cm
  • Coat weights from .5 to 100 Mils with accuracies down to 1%
  • Compatible with a wide variety of adhesives including: PSA, APAO, EVA, PUR, and Polyamides
  • Continuous or intermittent application speeds up to 610 MPM
  • Viscosity range from 100cps to 120,000cps
  • Temperature range from ambient to 260ºC


Guaranteed Results - Proof of Process

Eliminate the risk by taking the guesswork out of your process and investment by verifying your application in one of our in-house laboratories. Proof of process will be determined while using your materials, your adhesives and running at your production speeds.

Proof of Process Capabilities Summary:

  • High-speed coating and laminating stations up to 2,500 FPM
  • Materials up to 51cm (20in) wide
  • 7.6cm (3in) diameter cores / 76cm (30in) diameter rolls
  • High-speed video
  • Instron® measurement and testing equipment
  • UV fluorescence analysis equipment

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ITW Dynatec | 31 Volunteer Drive | Hendersonville, TN 37075 | Phone: 615.824.3634 |