Vector™ - Surge Applicator

ITW Dynatec is pleased to announce that Vector Surge was recognized as "Most Innovative Equipment Technology" in the last 3 years at the IDEA Nonwovens Exhibition in April 2013 and recognized again for an "EDANA Industry Excellence Award" at 2014 INDEX Nonwovens Exhibition in Geneva. Vector Surge is an advanced add-on technology to our original Vector metered platform (which won "Most Innovative Equipment Technology" at IDEA 2010), and is the only applicator on the market with the ability to provide precise variable volume capability in line machine direction and cross machine direction.

Surge is a patented application method that can apply heavier volumes of adhesive exactly where needed and lighter volumes everywhere else - all with only one system, one hose, and one applicator. The results are exactly what the nonwovens industry needs to gain a competitive edge:

• Creates extensive raw material (adhesive) savings


• Requires less capital equipment, which means energy savings and reduced maintenance


• Offers flexible, precise capabilities on a metered platform


• Variable volume capability in line machine direction and cross machine direction 


Creating advanced solutions for our customers’ challenges is the cornerstone of what ITW Dynatec does every day. Surge offers something truly new in the industry: choice. Because Surge offers the capability of applying different weights of adhesive on the same substrate, Surge users are saving monumental amounts of adhesive and increasing product performance at the same time. Be sure to quote Vector on your next project and see the savings for yourself. Click here to contact a sales specialist today. 



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