Adhesive Application Institute Registration
April 28, 2009
2:00 PM Central Standard Time

The Adhesive Application Institute is the knowledge base for industrial professionals who use hotmelt. This new service from ITW Dynatec is designed to provide information on how to simplify operations, save money in your hotmelt application, train operators on new equipment, and other aspects of hotmelt adhesives and hotmelt application equipment.

Use the form below to sign up for the latest class taking place on April 28, 2009. Come and learn about how to not only survive, but thrive in today's treacherous economy. We will show you ways you can save money and make your operations simpler and safer, which will ultimately help you come out on top in a down economy. 

April 28th - Laminating & Coating:

Our purpose of this webinar is to introduce the latest technologies in coating and laminating utilizing hot melt polymers. Laminating nonwovens, textiles, and composites have been done for many years.  Traditional methods include needle punching, ultrasonic welding, roll coating, scatter coating, and flame laminating.  These technologies have served the industry very well for many years, but we must reduce resource consumption and find new methods of lean manufacturing. We must constantly be looking at new and often unfamiliar technologies to reduce costs, provide higher production rates, reduce scrap, provide more flexibility, as well as new product possibilities. ITW Dynatec manufactures patented technology that will simplify your operations and save you valuable resources providing a fast return on investment, often in less than 10 months.

Most importantly, this process can be proven and evaluated with your product prior to any capital investment. 

See you there!


Adhesive Application Institute - "The knowledge base for the hotmelt industry"

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