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DynaPack™ - Adhesive Supply Unit

The DynaPack™ adhesive supply unit (ASU) is a computer controlled hot melt supply unit that delivers traditional ITW Dynatec durability and reliability, while offering limited control features and options to fit your manufacturing needs. Its metric-standard design and icon-driven control panel is internationally operator friendly and easy to use.  The hose connections and footprint mountings are compatible with competitive units and hoses for simple drop-in replacement.


The DynaPack™ ASU uses an extremely dependable, constant-pressure piston pump. The air operated pump insures a high pressure adhesive output from a low pressure, compressed air input.

    • Microprocessor controls for reliable, accurate temperature control of tank, hoses and applicators.
    • Simple, user friendly icon-driven controls.
    • Easy drop-in replacement for competitive units.
    • Temperature stand-by settings to help reduce adhesive char when unit is inactive.
    • Removable access covers completely expose all components for easy maintenance.
     • Easy to operate tank, hose, and applicator zone push buttons.
    • Accurate and reliable single board controller.
    • Digital set point takes the guesswork out of temperature control.
    • Large arrows help the operator quickly set temperatures.
    • Independent temperature adjustment of the tank, hoses, and applicator guns permits the precise control of adhesive.
    • Temperature stand-by settings reduce adhesive char when the unit is inactive.
    • Sequential temperature startup heats the tank first reducing stress on the hoses and applicators.
    • High and low temperature alarms on every zone.

 The Dynatec Difference

Quality - Simplified.

ITW Dynatec’s DynaPack™ is the perfect choice when you need an economical adhesive supply unit to do a high-quality job. With the same robust design as our Dynamelt™ series melters, the DynaPack™ can meet your hot melt bonding needs without any extra features or additional functions to clutter it’s basic and easy-to-operate controls.


2017 Annual Distributor Meeting Agenda
Hotel Indigo ∙ Nashville, TN
Woodblock/Letterpress Room

Wednesday, March 1
                               Topic                                                               Presenter

8:00 AM               Light Breakfast, Coffee, Meet & Greet
8:30 AM               Introductions                                                   Brittany Ulrich, Distribution Manager
8:45 AM               ITW Dynatec Overview                                 Gina Powers, VP/GM
9:15 AM               Distribution Channel Strategy                     Brittany Ulrich
10:00 AM            BREAK
10:15 AM            Core Market Equipment Sales                     Mike Budai, Direct Sales
11:00 AM            Automotive Market Equipment Sales          Cindi Carusone, Direct Sales
11:45 AM            LUNCH 
1:00 PM               Packaging Market Equipment Sales          TBD                              
2:00 PM               Innovation & Product Development            Leith McLeod, Global Product Development Mgr
3:00 PM               BREAK  
3:20 PM               Simplicity Unit – Product Prelaunch          Jonathan Cunningham, Engineering Manager     
4:30 PM               Recap & Open Discussions                        Brittany Ulrich

                             Group Event                                                   Location
5:45 PM               Walk/Ride to Dinner (5 blocks)                   Meet in Hyatt Place Lobby
6:00 PM               Cocktail Hour                                                 Standard at the Smith House
6:30 PM               Dinner                                                             Standard at the Smith House
8:45 PM               Explore Broadway/Printer’s Alley              Tootsie’s, Honky Tonk Central, ACME, Skull’s       
10:30 PM             Return to Hotel Indigo                                   

Thursday, March 2

8:30 AM               Light Breakfast, Coffee                                 
9:00 AM               Production Updates/MRD Hoses              Mark Hannon, US Operations Manager
9:30 AM              Customer Service Updates                          Scott Hudanish, Customer Service Manager
10:00 AM            New SDS Sheet Training                             Harrison Tull, Data Analyst/Brittany U./Scott H.
10:45 AM            BREAK                                                                  
11:00 AM            New SDS Sheet Training, Cont’d                
11:45 AM            LUNCH 
1:00 PM               Quality Process & Updates                           Chad Zolman, Quality Technician
1:45 PM               Technical Service Updates                           Tim Goddard, Technical Service Lead
2:30 PM               Program Updates, 2017 Planning               Brittany Ulrich
3:00 PM               Final Remarks, Dismissal                              
                                Optional Meetings                                         ITW Dynatec team will be available until 5 PM    

Friday, March 3

Optional Technical Training Session @ ITW Dynatec in Hendersonville, TN

8:00 AM               SR 5/10 ASU System Training                       Will Spinner, Technical Service Specialist
12:00 PM             Lunch Brought In
1:00 PM               Applicators, Hoses, Fill Systems                
4:30 PM               Wrap Up & Dismissal

Technical training will cover aspects of basic installation, set-up, operation, routine maintenance, and troubleshooting for the products listed above. 


System DynaPack™
Hopper Capacity 8.5 kg (18.7 lbs)
Operating Temperature 40 to 218°C (100 to 425°F)
Melt Rate (per hour)* 9.1 kg/hr (20 lb/hr)
Pump Rate .87 kg/min (1.92 lb/min)
Piston Pump Compression Ratios 14:1
Hose Output Zones 4
Max Working Hydraulic Pressure 9.7 MPa (1400psi) - Piston Pump
Temperature Control Stability ±1°C (±1°F)
Electrical Service Standard 200-240 VAC 1ph w/neutral 50/60 Hz
Electrical Service Standard 200-240 VAC 1-3ph delta 50/60 Hz
Electrical Service Standard 380 VAC 3Phase wye 50/60 Hz
Working Viscosity 500-30,000 cps

 *Melt and pump rates dependent on adhesive type

Dimensions DynaPack™ DynaPack™ Mouting Dimensions
Height (H) 51 cm (20 in) 5 cm (2 in)
Depth (D) 58 cm (22.8 in) (B) 38 cm (15 in)
Width (W) 34.3 cm (13.5 in) 25 cm (9.8 in)
Weight (empty) 39 kg (86 lbs) -


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