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Vector Adhesive Melter - Vector Metering Platform


The Vector™ adhesive supply unit provides the ultimate in reliability and performance to meet the needs of high-demand production lines that require extreme accuracy. It is the first of its kind, with the ability to melt adhesive away from the point of metering, allowing for greatly increased system control. With multiple sizes available to meet customer needs, each model uses common interchangeable parts for simplified maintenance. The Vector™ ASU was designed as an integral part of the full Vector™ metered application system, and provides the highest level of precision and flexibility in the global marketplace.  The adhesive supply unit is available in three sizes: 50Kg, 100Kg, and 200Kg.

    • Patented pressure management system controls up to ten individually metered devices.
    • Can simultaneously feed continuous and intermittent applications.
    • Reduction of multiple drives and gear pumps reduces capital investment and simplifies maintenance and spare parts inventory.
    • Capable of annual adhesive savings of up to 50%
    • Motors & drives by a minimum of 40-50%
    • Hot melt hoses by a minimum of 30-40%
    • Hot melt supply units by a minimum of 10-30%
    • Filters by a minimum of 40-50%
      The Dynatec Advantage
    Unique Piston Pump Design

    Engineered with total cost of ownership, as well as system simplicity, in mind, the Vector™ ASU utilizes a patented pneumatic piston pump design that eliminates the need for multiple gear pumps and motors. The patented Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV) at the heart of the system distributes adhesive to one or more remotely metered stations, providing an accurate and reliable flow of adhesive without the added cost and potential downtime of additional running parts.

    ITW Dynatec also offers hot melt adhesive feeders to automatically transfer dry, pelletized hot melt adhesive from a bulk container to the adhesive supply unit.  For more information click here
    Click here to request a quote on hot melt machinery from ITW Dynatec.

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