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2017 Annual Distributor Meeting Agenda
Hotel Indigo ∙ Nashville, TN
Woodblock/Letterpress Room

Wednesday, March 1
                               Topic                                                               Presenter

8:00 AM               Light Breakfast, Coffee, Meet & Greet
8:30 AM               Introductions                                                   Brittany Ulrich, Distribution Manager
8:45 AM               ITW Dynatec Overview                                 Gina Powers, VP/GM
9:15 AM               Distribution Channel Strategy                     Brittany Ulrich
10:00 AM            BREAK
10:15 AM            Core Market Equipment Sales                     Mike Budai, Direct Sales
11:00 AM            Automotive Market Equipment Sales          Cindi Carusone, Direct Sales
11:45 AM            LUNCH 
1:00 PM               Packaging Market Equipment Sales          TBD                              
2:00 PM               Innovation & Product Development            Leith McLeod, Global Product Development Mgr
3:00 PM               BREAK  
3:20 PM               Simplicity Unit – Product Prelaunch          Jonathan Cunningham, Engineering Manager     
4:30 PM               Recap & Open Discussions                        Brittany Ulrich

                             Group Event                                                   Location
5:45 PM               Walk/Ride to Dinner (5 blocks)                   Meet in Hyatt Place Lobby
6:00 PM               Cocktail Hour                                                 Standard at the Smith House
6:30 PM               Dinner                                                             Standard at the Smith House
8:45 PM               Explore Broadway/Printer’s Alley              Tootsie’s, Honky Tonk Central, ACME, Skull’s       
10:30 PM             Return to Hotel Indigo                                   

Thursday, March 2

8:30 AM               Light Breakfast, Coffee                                 
9:00 AM               Production Updates/MRD Hoses              Mark Hannon, US Operations Manager
9:30 AM              Customer Service Updates                          Scott Hudanish, Customer Service Manager
10:00 AM            New SDS Sheet Training                             Harrison Tull, Data Analyst/Brittany U./Scott H.
10:45 AM            BREAK                                                                  
11:00 AM            New SDS Sheet Training, Cont’d                
11:45 AM            LUNCH 
1:00 PM               Quality Process & Updates                           Chad Zolman, Quality Technician
1:45 PM               Technical Service Updates                           Tim Goddard, Technical Service Lead
2:30 PM               Program Updates, 2017 Planning               Brittany Ulrich
3:00 PM               Final Remarks, Dismissal                              
                                Optional Meetings                                         ITW Dynatec team will be available until 5 PM    

Friday, March 3

Optional Technical Training Session @ ITW Dynatec in Hendersonville, TN

8:00 AM               SR 5/10 ASU System Training                       Will Spinner, Technical Service Specialist
12:00 PM             Lunch Brought In
1:00 PM               Applicators, Hoses, Fill Systems                
4:30 PM               Wrap Up & Dismissal

Technical training will cover aspects of basic installation, set-up, operation, routine maintenance, and troubleshooting for the products listed above. 



ExactCoat™ Slot Die - Turnkey Precision Hotmelt Slot Die Systems

ExactCoatTM is ITW Dynatec's new line of precision slot dies including flex lip and rotary rod with flexible lip versions. ITW Dynatec also offer positioners as well as a complete coating station.  The new system provides state-of-the-art solution with thinner and faster techniques as well as Adhesive Delivery System technology.


ExactCoatTM - the new line of precision slot dies - includes flex lip and rotary rod with flexible lip versions.  ITW Dynatec will also offer positioners as well as a complete coating station.  The new system will provide state-of-the-art solution with thinner and faster techniques as well as Adhesive Delivery System technology.

ITW Dynatec’s Precision Hot Melt Slot Die system has guaranteed application performance resulting in faster production speeds and reduction of adhesive usage!   This highly-accurate and reliable system prevents streaking, permits ultra-thin coatings and maintains industry leading coat weight accuracy.  In addition, it provides real time monitoring of both pressure and temperature in the die! The new turnkey system includes the following components:

  • Melt system for the adhesive
  • Precision slot die  
  • Heated hoses and cabling
  • Coating station including all dies adjusters
  • Monitoring devices - both pressure and temperature
  • State-of-the-art single PLC system capable to control: temperature of the entire system including the die, pump rates, as well as pressures  

Unique features to ITW Dynatec new ExactCoat System - heated block attached to the entrance port of the slot die.  The block assembly contains the following features:

  • Air actuated ball valve - Short stop virtual instantaneous good coating.
  • In-flow temperature probe - Real time monitoring with PID loops for auto adjusting.
  • Pressure transducer - Also, with real time monitoring with PID loops for auto adjusting
 The Dynatec Difference
Guaranteed Results - Proof of Process
You can eliminate possible risks by verifying the application in one of our in-house laboratories. Proof of process will be determined while using your materials, your adhesives, and running at your production speeds. Contact us to schedule a visit:
Technical Information ExactCoat Details
Die Width Up to 3 meters wide
Coat Weight 0.5 MIL to 100 MIL (depending on fluid rheology)
Speed Up to 500 meters per minute (based onfluid rheology)
Cross Web Accuracies Within ±3% (based on fluid rheology)
Temperature Range Ambient to 500oF (260oC) ± 3oF
Adhesive Types Wide range of hotmelt formulations
Viscosity range  100cps - 80,000cps
Click here to request a quote on hot melt machinery from ITW Dynatec.

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